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About Totally Regen

Totally Regen is a Clinic with a holistic, wellness and regenerative approach; owned, created and developed by Dr Eduardo Rodriguez, MD, FRACGP – an experienced specialist dedicated to helping you rediscover vitality and well-being.

 At Totally Regen we focus on health restoration rather than symptomatic treatment by means of determining the root and cause of the problem and identifying the disturbed healing process at any stage of your conditions.

Totally Regen is dedicated to fostering an environment of empathetic patient care, designed for proper diagnosis, treatment and management of pain associated with basically any condition in the medical field, particularly of musculoskeletal origin. With our substantial experience in this field, we have been able to help many patients with Chronic Pain conditions, which in themselves are often associated with many underlying, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed conditions.


I believe proper Diagnoses and stimulation to return your health to optimal condition requires a Bio-Cellular, holistic approach. You cannot achieve this by only treating symptoms. We encourage adequate biomechanical training and exercises (designed to your particular problem), adequate nutritional and lifestyle interventions to promote the healing processes. We support these unique, life changing interventions with bio-cellular strategies, including your own cells , use of your own growth factors and cytokines, prolotherapy, bio-oxidative therapies (nutritional, hormonal), photonic therapies (UV light), laser therapies, amongst others.

Your own safety is our main priority.

Chronic Pain is a term commonly used when the root of the problem can’t be found and it is mostly due to lack of time, lack of understanding of the pathophysiology or Patho mechanics of the problem and lack of passion about finding the root of the problems. The focus is to return patients to a functional lifestyle. Pain is individual and the treatment should be as well. We provide a comprehensive clinical approach for diagnosing and managing pain and improving the quality of your life.